What makes us different.

The Wickens Ranch family believes everyone deserves to feel connected to their food.

Whether you live in the city or the country. With Wickens Ranch Beef, you can feel confident in the power of your purchase. You’re supporting local Montana farmers and ranchers who choose sustainability and stewardship.

We raise healthier cows, naturally.

Montana is the best place on earth to raise high-quality black angus cattle. Everything we do on our ranch has a purpose: giving the innate genetic strengths and adaptations of these animals a chance to thrive. 

From when our cows give birth, to what they eat, to how we support their maturation process and life cycle timeline — we let the animals do what they do best, naturally.

Sustainable land and management practices.

Our family ranch is at the forefront of regenerative agriculture, grazing our cattle based on Allan Savory's principles. 

We are participating in a global movement, working to restore and strengthen the health of the world's grasslands through holistic management of our cattle and our landscapes.

Generational ranchers who love and respect the land.

Humus and humanus — Latin for fertile ground and human — share their root word. Even in Hebrew, the name Adam translates to the man who was made from the ground. We believe the relationship between humans and the earth is ancient and vital — and remembering this relationship, protecting it through healthy agricultural practices, is necessary for humanity's shared wellbeing.